and the Good Knight Wettinpants

A series of challenging events lead Jack onto an incredible quest.

Prince Edgar needs a new champion dragon hunter, and when he mistakes Jack to be a gallant hero, he knights him and sets him on an impossible task. He must confront the fearsome dragon, Rapskallion, and retrieve the royal crown.

If not… his head will be chopped off!

Doorways to further adventures!

I hope you enjoyed the story of Jack as he confronts the mighty Rapskallion the dragon. If you haven't had the chance to read it yet and want a copy of your own, you can get order yours here.

Rapskallion and the Good Knight Wettinpants is my first published book, and already there are another 3 books in the development pipeline in the Fantasy Factory of Brin's Book World.

One of them is a sequel to Rapskallion, and I will be inviting readers to offer suggestions on what happens next, which means you get a chance to contribute to the next exciting adventure. Keep coming back to the website to find out about competitions, collaborations and more, or simply subscribe to our email group to keep up with what's happening.

On this site you can also find out about how the story of Rapskallion began as a stage play from way back in the days when I used perform for schools all around Australia. Now that was an adventure in itself!

Origins of Rapskallion and the Good Knight Wettinpants

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